Wild Seed

My book of poetry previously published as Travelling Through the Unexpected is now available under a new title: Wild Seed. The new edition is larger and is published in a more readable font than the first edition. It looks great! I received the Author’s Copy and was immediately captivated by the new cover. It is available through the publisher and online bookstores.

There are poems in many styles, formal and free verse, and haiku, tanka and haibun. I have written on many topics. There are poems about life and poems about nature. Occasionally I have imagined the voice of a cat, a giraffe, a tiger, a lion, a tapir, a hippo or an emu. I have written about loving, working, travelling, childhood and ageing. There are both serious and light-hearted poems. Grandparents have read these poems to their children, who have taken them to school. Others have said about a poem, ‘That describes my experience.’

Publisher Wild Seed