Book Launch of Travelling Through the Unexpected

See below the Gallery of Photos from photographer Martin Christmas for the book launch of Travelling Through the Unexpected by Lynette Arden, on 10 February 2018.

The afternoon launch at Halifax Café  started with Munetaka Umehara playing the Japanese flute, to the rapt attention of the audience. Judy Fander then introduced the launch speaker, well known poet, Rob Walker.

After the book had been officially launched, Lynette Arden and Maeve Archibald read a concrete poem, Cruising, from the book. Different meanings are evident when the whole poem is read. Lynette read the first column, Maeve the second and the audience joined in to read across, with much amusement.

Stephen Matthews and Brenda of Ginninderra Press, publisher of Travelling Through the Unexpected sold copies of the publication.

Jane and Jason of Halifax Café provided gourmet refreshments.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this launch so enjoyable for all.

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Travelling Through the Unexpected

travelling-cover (1)Lynette Arden lets us sit in the window seat while Travelling Through the Unexpected, as she distils crisp moments into memorable free-verse snapshots, stunning villanelles, haiku or tanka.  Arden observes the fringe of fur on hippo ears; the giraffe’s neck, escalator-long; and how the cricket stutter stops at a footfall.  Equally adept at portraying her fellow humans, Arden notices the optimism as the ninety-year-old applies sunscreen and the migraine sufferer’s view of the edge of a whirling fan.  So sit back and enjoy this poetic journey, confidently and masterfully driven by a poet with depth, diversity and insight.’ – Jude Aquilina

Travelling Through the Unexpected inscribes the arc of a life’s journey with poignant glimpses along the way. While she employs a variety of poetic forms, her dexterity with images and succinctness particularly demonstrate Arden’s mastery of Japanese brief forms. Continue reading “Travelling Through the Unexpected”