Fairy Mural: St Peters Library

I was a volunteer ‘artist in residence’ and worked in the children’s section of St Peters Library while painting the mural. It was done in oil pastel on large sheets of cardboard and then assembled behind perspex on the wall of the children’s section of the library, where it remained for several years.

I made drawings of local children for the fairies and took photos of local gardens to make up the scenery. The mural starts with a scene of woodland fairies at the left hand end and moves across various flowers and a pond, ending up with fuchsias in the far right section.

The gallery shows details of the mural over the course of its painting. Some of the drawings are at a very early stage and the fairies do not yet have their wings added.

The mural is no longer on display, as the library was rebuilt into St Peters Town Hall. The mural remains in storage with Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council.

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