Liverpool UK (1970s)

I studied Graphic Design in the early 1970s at Liverpool Art College (UK), part of Liverpool Polytechnic. The Art College is now part of John Moore’s University.

I was a mature-age student, having come from Australia, where I had worked for the Federal Government in Canberra and the Administration in Papua New Guinea (in  Port Moresby 1970-1971) before deciding to pursue my dream of studying art.

The studio I occupied in the Hope Street Building, with a few fellow printmaking enthusiasts, was in the basement.  We were told this had been the studio John Lennon had occupied.

I lived in Liverpool 8. These photos were taken in the surrounding streets and parks. Some photos were featured in an online exhibition, 800 Lives, compiled by the Museum of Liverpool in 2007 for the Liverpool Year of Heritage. The project also featured some of my recollections of living in Liverpool in the early 1970s. Extracts from my contribution were published in Mersey Minis: Volume 2: Living. Mersey Minis: Living

The text of my contribution to the 800 Lives project:
(please note only the link to the Liverpool Museum still works in this document)

web document 800 lives


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